4.1.16 Fill in the blank

I’m stuck on the problem. I’ve tried several different ways, using websites and other comments on here to get this right but it always is wrong. Please help.

It looks correct to me. Check for any extra, unnecessary spaces, perhaps? I would delete any leading and trailign spaces. Make sure there is only one space on each side of the + sign (or try with no spaces there).

the_sum = (number1 + number2) you forgot the ( )

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I don’t know if it’ll make a difference here; I haven’t tried. But parentheses wouldn’t be necessary in this particular case in real life Python code.

Thanks. It worked. I had extra spaces around the + sign and didn’t realize it.

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Awesome. Obviously, in real life, the extra spaces there wouldn’t matter, but Stepik is overly sensitive to formatting.

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