4.3 (Steps 10-11)

For some reason, when I run my code for this, there is a single cluster of four “Hips” that don’t match the demo. I checked my code, and it seems to be exactly what is shown on Step 11’s solution. Not really sure what is happening!

Instructor edit: Removed screenshot of code very close to solution. If you’re having the same problem, scott4907 has a good suggestion as to why that might be happening.

Try something other than elif

Ah, you’re right. I actually put “if” in step 11, not “elif”. Thanks, Scott!

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My code runs find but when I input it in the question field it is always incorrect. Anybody have an idea? Thanks

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I think the error involves the particulars of your range function coding.

Would you mind being more specific? It sounds like we all write code differently. And it works. But, I would like the puzzle piece that you refer too. Or at least a hint in a direction. Thank you for your time!

As I recall, for a range function, for example, if I indicate a range (1,10), the numbers through nine are indicated, not 10.

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Thank you for your input. It was honestly appreciated!

You are quite welcome.