5.2 Step 16 Discovery

I am completely stuck. I figured out the code on 15. Can someone explain?

What is the formula to figure out the percentage of students, from the whole group, who passed? What do you divide by what?

9 / 36 or 25 / 100 I coded it correctly on the page before. I will need to look at this again tomorrow with fresh eyes.

Sure, those are the numbers to divide-- but what are the variables?

Gotcha! I had entered that information but not in the correct format. I got it. Thank YOU!!!

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Are you available to assist with solving this problem? I definitely would appreciate your help!

How exactly are you stuck? What have you tried? What’s not working? I think Mystified13’s last reply is a good hint.

I’m having trouble with the input into the website to run and it keeps telling it’s incorrect after multiple attempts.

What variables are you using in your solution? Are you correctly typing/copy-pasting your variable names into the answer?

The only advice I can give is what are the variable names.