5.3 Step 11 course info

Basically what I have work on and still wrong: I appreciate everyone trying to help those with this same problem, but when you attempt to explain how to arrive at a possible solution, it sounds like a foreign language that we were hardly expose to… can anyone tell us exactly what section in the course, we can review the information needed, to complete the question at hand? Thanks

def calculate_diameter(circumference):
pi= 3.14
circumference = user_input
diameter = circumference / pi
return diameter
user_input = int(input(“what is circumference of circle?”))
print “calculate_diameter”, (circumference))

4.4_2 How to Make Your Own Functions but especially look at the while loop example and the general observations under the example. Really look hard at_

Because we refer to the values we use in a function by a variable name rather than using hard coded values, it allows us to call the same function with different arguments, and therefore get different results.

Yes-- defining a variable as “user_input” and requesting that input are two separate things-- perhaps you are being too specific while defining your function?

This was my most difficult problem & I got hung up for quite a while. For step 10, I just clicked Next and found that
5.3, step 11 really stubbed it out for me. Just 6 lines of code, and they already indented the lines. Neat, huh? :slight_smile:

  1. look at the result that needs to print out when you type in the test of “22”
  2. check out the little carat from your error code (SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier)

By the way, this question was answered pretty well last week. I believe Mr Mystified referenced “variable name”. For me, that was a HUGE nudge in the right direction.
Good luck! You got this!! :muscle: