5.3 step 11 difficulty

Ok, it took some doing but I got the code from step 10 to run correctly, but now I can’t seem to get the variable names (the final three blanks) right to plug in to step 11.

This is what I have so far:
"def calculate_diameter(circumference)

diameter = circumference / pi *[In my code I used *
diameter = calculate_diameter(circumference) instead]

return circumference / pi

user_input = int(input(“What is the circumference of the circle?”))

print(str(diameter)) [# as this was part of the string “The diameter of the circle is…”]"

Can anyone point out to me where I went wrong?

edit: for the code in question, here’s the link:


A lot of people have trouble with this exercise (Stepik themselves report that only 7% of submissions are correct :open_mouth: ). Even if you get a correct solution which works pefectly in real world, the Stepik tool may not like it and expect a different format or order in your statements.

This question has been asked a lot. You may want to review the previous suggestions.