5.3 Steps 10 and 11

I have read many posts of people having issues with step 11. I have a program that works on step 10 but does not get me a correct answer on step 11. I know we are not supposed to post full codes here but is there anyone I can message to look at my code. Anyone that can let me know if I am at least on the right path?

The problem I have encountered is that although my code is good and the program works, it isn’t _exactly _ the way the fill in the blank expects it to be written. The last time this happened, it was a matter of just printing a number versus a complete sentence, but that trick doesn’t seem to work this time. Let me know if you figure anything out, thanks!

I am also having this problem. I am pretty certain what I’m putting in is correct, but it will not accept it as correct. It’s frustrating. Any ideas? OP did you ever figure it out?

@LLHamm @Mojones Here is what finally made it click for me. The way it should look is

def function_name(parameter):
return output
variable = parameter
print ( some_thing(variable))

I thought when you were printing you also needed a define it as float or int again and that was my mistake. It is not needed. If you piece together all of the given info correctly its all right there in the question

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