Assignment 0 Import

When I click Work in, it takes me to but doesn’t import any of the files or folder, it just says “no files open.” I have linked my GitHub and account, and verified my email. Help?

Are you joining via the invitation link within Graded Assignment #0? Once you’ve joined via that link, your github repository and the should be populated with the files. If you’ve already joined with that invite link, you should be able to return to the repo through your github home page.

If you’ve done both of these things, can you take a couple screenshots of what’s going on when you try to enter the repo so we can investigate further?

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Thanks, I’ll retry and take screenshots as soon as I can, later today

I can only upload a single screenshot as a new user, where can I send screenshots too for help?

After my First commit my solution did not pass. I started over again and added “world” into the string after the return function and recommitted however this time around there’s a green checkmark which would indicate my solution had passed but this time around I’m unable to run my code in to print the string “Hello world!” - the message i get is as follows:

'unable to decode .replit: Near line 1 (last key parsed ‘function’): expected key separator ‘=’, but got ‘h’ instead "

some direction would be much appreciated…Thankyou

Send them to me at, please!

I have verified my code in It succussfully displays “Hello world!”. When I go to commit and push I do not get the green check mark. i have clicked on the 7 digit code to see what was changed and its telling me that the there were files changed by github-classroom (bot). These commits are showing red x’s by them. I myself have not changed any file other than “hello.js”. I also do not see my commit that I pushed even though my github is linked with my Any help would be appreciated.

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Ensure that you’re writing Hello world! exactly as it’s written in the TODO. Try using the ‘Work It In’ button from the repo itself or by going to independently.

I am having a similar problem.
When I click the invitation link from within Graded assignment 0 it says the repository has been created , but when I click on “work it in” it just takes me to a page that says "this repository could not be accessed and gives a box that prompts: “paste any repository URL to import”.
My accounts are linked and Github says it created the repository.
Also, when I go to I can’t find the project from there.

Nevermind… just had to give permission to access the repo. I am dumb, lol.
Anybody having any more trouble?

Brandon, did you ever get a reply? I’m having the exact same issues and I’ve sent about 4 commits so far but it doesn’t show any of them.

I have not received a reply yet. I am going to try again soon and hopefully have a better outcome. The only commits that I see are the ones that were made by github-classroom (bot). I do not see any of my submissions.

Admin here - check the classwide announcement. Many students haven’t had or github correctly authorized and have had issues with committing.

UPDATE. I have found the frustrating issue. It turned out to be would not connect to GitHub until I went into my settings (in and hit the actual connect button a couple times. As soon as I did that I had no issues getting that green check mark and turning in the assignment. Thanks for the help everyone.

@BrandonS, I never would’ve even thought to look there. I had to dig deep in order find what you were talking about. Worked like a charm, you rock…thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve been consumed with trying to troubleshoot and get this to work that I’m playing catch-up and now I see it posted in the Announcements section…lol. We’ll get there soon enough. Thanks again though.

Hey Shakita - by default, you should be receiving announcements in your email. If you’re not, you may want to double check your account settings in canvas (aka, Go to Account and check the notification settings.

Hey Clark, I was not receiving them in my inbox. I’ve checked my settings and hopefully it’ll work now. Thanks so much for this!!