Assignment 1 failing, error logs not helpful

My code works just fine on replit, but when submitting to github it keeps failing the autograder, and not giving any helpful feedback. I understand that there are some issues with having the wording how github is supposed to be expecting it, but the error it is throwing starts with this, “stty: when specifying an output style, modes may not be set.”, and it is not throwing any “unexpected errors.” I tried googling several of the error codes that the autograder is throwing, but am not getting any results. It seems to me that the console may be having a problem executing the modules and is not completing autograding. Any insight would be most helpful!

share your repl link and I will take a look at it.

Ok, much appreciated!

First thing and I will add more things as I find them.

you don’t need to pass the input object, just the variable like this candidateAnswers.push(candidateAnswer);

Remove the parenthesis from correct++. You have an extra curly bracket on line 39 remove that. Looks like you have an extra ending parenthesis on line 42. Also you have an if statement with no else block. So when I answer incorrectly you don’t let me know I’m wrong. It just shows the correct answer only.

Thank you for the feedback, it is very constructive! Is the program supposed to tell the contestant if they are wrong after each question or should it tell them that at the bottom, like in the example output? On 39, i thought the curly bracket was to end the variable initialization on line 37? If I take it out, it breaks the program and tells me I need to delete a curly bracket on line 80. The bracket on 42 is within a template literal so that my output looks like the example output. I tried changing the variable in the input object but that seemed to break my program so i will take some time and think through that. I was able to run the autograder in replit, and the program seemed to pass autograder there just fine, but gitHub does not seem to be running the program at all. Thank you again for all of the help!

Yes, you need and else block to your if statement. If the answer is correct {print out correct Answer} { else the answer is incorrect the correct answer is } does that make sense?

Yes, thank you! I watched your youtube video to get an idea of the layout you were talking about - I modified my code and seem to have gotten to a place that matches up with what you were suggesting. Github still is not running my code at all though :confused: If you’d like to take another look at the results on replit, I certainly appreciate any feedback -