Assignment #1 Help Please!

Could someone look into the code and the error and let me know what is going wrong please? I have defined all my variables. Not sure

I have parsed through my code part by part and everything else works fine.

You need to add bracket notation to both canidateAnswers and correctAnswers. Chapter 7.2 will help if you not sure what I mean.

I got everything to work fine in Replit, But autograding in guthub failed for me.
could you please check this for me .

Go back and look at the videos again and read the chapters. You are close but it needs more refinement.

Can you direct me to the videos you’re referencing? I’ve found the ones listed as solutions for Studio 4 in Announcements, but someone referenced a “walk through” for assignment 1, and I can’t locate it. Any help is appreciated; thanks!

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thank you for posting this! It’s so helpful!