Assignment 1 is running in, but fail to pass in GitHub

My code is running fine in, but it has failed in GitHub.

When I run education / authograding @v1,
I have on line the below error message as shown in the screenshot as below:


I have re-installed npm, still it doesn’t correct the error.

Could you advise @terranceweeden on what could be the issue.

Thank you,

I can’t see any details in the screenshot. If you post your repl and github urls then it would be easier to help.

I am not sure if we are allowed to post our code here.

Cc: @terranceweeden , @Clark , @jwoolbright

Thank you,

I was able to figure it out.

We were able to change from " to ’ in the array as below:

['Who was the first American woman in space? ', 'True or false: 5 kilometer == 5000 meters? ', '(5 + 3)/2 * 10 = ? ', "Given the array [8, ‘Orbit’, ‘Trajectory’, 45], what entry is at index 2? ", 'What is the minimum crew size for the ISS? ']

I have remove the Repl.It and GitHub link.

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