Assignment 1 java issues

It is failing all 4 tests and i don’t know why. this is what I’m getting.

If your output is identical to expected, push to github and see if it passes the autograder there. For some reason intelliJ is failing the tests but github passes.

it is not passing in github too.

If you click on the link that says click to see difference, what does it highlight in the side by side view? Its hard to tell from the screenshots what it is not liking.

below is the screenshot of 4 test.all are failing.

Looks like you have your “\n” in the wrong location, do you have it on the println with the final xxxxx? It should be in the first one println("\nxxxxx"), then after all job data prints last one should just be println(“xxxxx”)

edit: it doesnt like when I type out the 5 *s in a row, so changed it to xs

Finally, it worked. Thank you.