Assignment 1 - Part 1.2B

I’ve hit a brick wall with displaying the question using the question variable and prompting the user for their answer. I’ve referred back to the chapters on string and Array methods as well as while loops for guidance but cant seem to understand where or what exactly I’m doing wrong??
Id like to ensure I fully understand how to pass the mini app in part (1) before moving onto part 2 of the assignment , any help would be greatly appreciated?
Here’s what I have so far -

I am having the same issue. It prompts for the question but it keeps asking the question and never accepts the input. Here is what I have
// TODO 1.2a: Define question, correctAnswer, and candidateAnswer //

let question = "Who was the first American woman in space? ";

let correctAnswer = “Sally Ride”;

let candidateAnswer = “”;

let questions;

let correctAnswers;

let candidateAnswers;

function askForName() {

// TODO 1.1b: Ask for candidate’s name //

candidateName = input.question("What is your name: ")


function askQuestion() {

// TODO 1.2b: Ask candidate the question and assign the response as candidateAnswer //

for (let i = 0; i < question.length; i++) {

candidateAnswer[i] = input.question(question);



there was a YouTube walk thru posted on slack as well as the chapters he referenced pertaining to this section, Ill dig into it later today and provide some feedback to you once i understand where we’re falling short.