Assignment #1: Tech Jobs (Console Edition) Task 1

I have made my code so that it perfectly matches the format of testPrintJobs(), yet it is still failing. I suppose it could be the way I am printing it? I am unsure where to go on this test, but since the output matches, I am moving on to the next tasks. Thanks for any ideas.

I had the same thing, posted about it in slack but haven’t gotten any feedback yet. I pushed my code to github and the autograder passed even though intelliJ was saying it failed.

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Good to know, thanks.

I too am having some issues with the autograding. Apparently is failing all 4 tests and i don’t know why. this is what I’m getting.

java 1 error 2 java 1 error 3

So I’m noticing what’s happening. it looks like some words/phrases are either not passing through the FindbyValue Function or PrintJobs function. So far, I got the testFindByValue by making sure the value is lowercase. I’m still trying to figure out the other 3,

So it looks like it is printing “no results.” in lowercase and a period, when it needs to just print “No Results” exactly that way. It is an easy fix if that is just how you typed it but also make sure your toLowercase is only effecting user input and not your output.

I had the same issue.

I am also having the same issues. how did you solve this?