Assignment 1 Working but Not Passing

Below I have my code for assignment 1. Running through it, it works and looks almost the same as the final example. BUT it keeps failing the auto grading when I commit. Did I miss something? Because I didn’t delete or mess with anything other than instructed.

:sweat_smile: removed link to your assignment solution :sweat_smile:

I’d suggest to review the error logs of the auto-grading to determine what you were failed on.
I ran your code briefly but your output doesn’t exactly match the expected output (per A#1 instructions) so that may be the reason why.
If that’s the case - it’ll be a very easy fix! You got this!

They did these errors on purpose, really frustrating at first but we did just learn about them and how to read them. Very clever. BUT… below I have the last error code that I just cannot solve. Whenever I change my double quotes around the two items in question I get a whole different error where my code will NOT run. It gives me an unexpected identifier error, and this only pops up when I try to use the question the way they want it.

Expected [ 'Who was the first American woman in space? ', 'True or false: 5 kilometer == 5000 meters? ', '(5 + 3)/2 * 10 = ? ', 'Given the array [8, "Orbit, “Trajectory”, 45], what entry is at index 2? ', 'What is the minimum crew size for the ISS? ’ ] to contain 'Given the array [8, ‘Orbit’, ‘Trajectory’, 45], what entry is at index 2? '.

If you are using single quotes in the text you have to use double quotes around the whole block otherwise it thinks the text ends at the ’ in front of orbit and what comes after doesnt make sense.

"Given the array [8, ‘Orbit’, ‘Trajectory’, 45], what entry is at index 2? "

Thank you, I just tried it. I thought it wanted the single quotes on the outside as well and it was frustrating me to no end knowing it doesn’t allow that.