Assignment 2 Autograding Failure

I am having error message but I don’t understand what is expected to be in my code? I already put my objects as expected however in test result it requires me to put Function instead of functions name?

I believe Expected is what you have coded. Autograder is expecting your code to contain. And Function in the Expected verbiage in Autograder is “placeholder” for your variable names you coded for the functions (similar to what happened in one of our Object exercises) Look closely at to contain and notice any diff in key name, etc. and make that change to your code in each object for Autograder to pass. You will see many other people here who had this same concern - including me - because the key name specified in instructions does not agree with key name Autograder is looking for.

Thank you for the response. I have literally spent more than 5 hours and finally got help from slack :pray:. It was confusing for me I have changed it couple times didn’t pass, then renamed the key finally got it passed

Did I code my assignment wrong? I managed to get 6 failures. I figured I would start with this one.

@miclamb241 These are saying when it tests the keys in the new point structure, they’re coming back undefined instead of a point value. Without seeing your code it’s hard to say but I’d go over what you’re doing in the transform piece

I noticed that one of the other classmates managed to get the data to store in something else. I asked them earlier but no one got back to me. The code runs and works still, I am just super confused on what and where I store the values.

This is the part of the code that makes me afraid I coded it wrong. It expects a certain number result but I have no clue what it is that the code needs. I used a mathematical method with variables to acquire the numbers, maybe the code needs a different form of method?