Assignment 3 error from the start

Hi guys,
Is anyone else getting a long error message from the very first time you hit ‘Run’ in Assignment 3?
Adding screenshots of where I am in the instructions, and also the very end of the error message I’m getting.
I’ve no idea how to proceed because I don’t understand what the error message is telling me to fix - and also it seems there shouldn’t be this error message at all from what the instructions are saying?
Any help would be massively appreciated so I can get started on the assignment.

I’ve tried deleting/creating a new - but I’m still getting the error. Both times, I’ve gotten this message as soon as I click through to 'Work in" so it seems like this could be part of the problem? Still not sure what “npm ERR!” is

@emgraham - I believe these messages are normal - did you watch the Assignment #3 helpful videos? They were posted in Slack by Terrence W (LC moderator) and he explains
these messages and how to go forward. I am stuck at Test 10 (for most of a day!) see my recent post here at
with some other possible hints… so when you get to that point hint would be appreciated so I can continue…

Hi @Ebbie, thanks for telling me about the video - didn’t realize those were up on Slack! I understand now and feel much better.
When I get to the section you’re currently on, I’ll let you know if I can help.