Assignment 4 - Failing autograder but everything is correct

Issue: autograder isn’t passing even though all requirements are met.

Troubleshooting: I have verified my code multiple times & even rewrote the auto-grader inside my HTML file as a script to ensure everything would pass & it did.

1-Autograder isn’t able to access .body property & as such is failing 3 specs.
2-Autograder is looking for strict equality for colors (green & red) but when I had my browsers print these out the results were rgb-based. Would this cause an issue?
3-Bonus explains that we should be able to go through the repo settings & create a static GitHub Page, please note that the settings option isn’t showing for this specific repo. All personal repos I created have this option & not this one.

PICS DELETED** Please review my autograder fails attached. Is anyone else having this problem?
How can I fix this?

I committed my changes to GitHub even though I am still working on this assignment. It says I passed 1/7 specs. The one I passed was “CSS body sets margin and display” even though I haven’t written any of my CSS code yet or touched that document…
I think the grading spec is off

@Clark and @terranceweeden - Hi, please review this issue and provide support. Thanks! Steph

FIXED - the issue was Google font links.
After my stylesheet link I had 2 font links and this created an issue with the autograder - even though all specs were met.
I tried adding the links to CSS using an import statement but it failed it too. I stuck with standard fonts as provided by VSC. Hopefully next projects won’t have this issue.

I had the same issue although I did not change any fonts. Assignment requirements were met but grading.js was unable to read the window document. Gives error TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getElementById’ of undefined.

Thought maybe it was because these were capitalized, but still did not resolve the issue.

let pElements = container.body.getElementsByTagName(“P”).length;
let headerElements = container.body.getElementsByTagName(“Header”).length;
let footerElements = container.body.getElementsByTagName(“Footer”).length;

No that shouldn’t be an issue.
Do you have any links other than the stylesheet? That was an issue for me.
If you have a JS file attached I’d suggest to just use script tags inside your HTML.
The main way I troubleshot my issues was essentially stripping my code to nothing & adding the bare minimum to pass the requirements then slowly building back my content. That’s how I noticed the fonts were the problem. Good luck!

I had an iframe tag in the html and blew the whole thing up for some reason I still to understand why it wasn’t able to read the other tags because of it. Also make sure to add ’ ; ’ to the end of your entity, html will print the symbol but it wont pass the check without it.


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Yeah some odd hiccups with the autograder but I am glad we both got it through!

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Wow! thanks for this!