Assignment 4 run in browser

Hi guys, I’m missing something that is probably very straightforward. How do I run the HTML that I’ve written so far in Visual Studio Code in the browser? I want to see what the webpage looks like so far, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Thanks in advance!

There’s an extension called “run in browser”. Install that. Then right click on the html file’s tab & choose which browser to run it from. It’ll open it there for you.
You can also drag/drop your html VSC tab into your browser & it’ll load.

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I did not really know how to do this as well. What I did was go to the “Run” tab and chose “Run without Debugging”. It should give you some browsers to select. I usually just use Google and bam, the “website” is shown with whatever is coded.

On a different note, (just for the sake of errors) how should I make my “images” subfolder? Which directory are they talking about when making that new subfolder? What makes sense to me is make another folder for images in general but I know it would not work since the teacher needs access to those images.

Your images folder should be in the same main folder as your index.html. You can add a folder with Visual Code or even with File-Explorer if you are using windows.
Before you push your creation up to GitHub for the teacher to see, your will use “$ git add images/” on the terminal to include your images folder in your project.

Refer to the announcement Assignment 4 Walkthrough, last section “Git Repro” for how to do that.
For clarification here is how my assignment directory(folder) looks like on the Terminal and again in File-Explorer.

peter@DESKTOP-UR0550Q MINGW64 ~/desktop/Git-Exercises/assignment-4-html-me-something-BluePeterB (main)


Also another option mentioned in the videos is to Save, then right click on index.html, click “Copy path” then paste that into a browser! I was confused about that for awhile too!