Assignment 5 autograder

Has anyone encountered this? I don’t feel like I can share a code snipet because I’d probably have to share the whole code. My page functions as it should and I’ve tried moving things around, changing ways I call things, etc. to no avail. I’ve also double checked my conditionals against the dom grading specs multiple times and had some classmates look. I am not sure how to proceed at this point.

I was able to get it fixed with the help of a few classmates. I had to make sure my conditionals were spot on with some >= <= and all had two conditions with &&. I also had Co-pilot written as Co-Pilot.

hai ,
i am also getting this type of errors.could u please help about this error.?

I’m not sure which error you’re talking about exactly, but I was using something along the lines of ${copilot.value} when you just need to call what the parameters are for the formSubmission function, so just call copilot. That might help a bit. And you shouldn’t need to do a document.query selector call for them, I have those under my submit event listener in script.js. But this will only help with some of the errors

Hey @sabhi ! Thanks for asking a question. You may get more help from others on this forum if you can let us know what you have tried so far and why it hasn’t worked yet.