Assignment 5 Autograding Fetch Tests

The fetch spec for autograde is loooking for a list of planets:

describe("GRADING FETCH CALL TEST: ", function () {
it(“Student is fetching list of planets”, async function() {
const result = await studentFunctions.myFetch();
It invokes the function and expects planets.

The instructions clearly mention that the function should return a promise, not a list of the planets. This was a huge hurdle for me but I think i finally got it right only to run into the autograder. It will break my code if try to redo it and Lord knows how long it will take to repair.

Please see instructions:
"First, do as the comments in the code tell you and set listedPlanetsResponse equal to the value returned when calling myFetch() . This value is going to be a promise. If we head to our browser and open up our developer tools, we can now see a list of the planets. Then using pickPlanet() and addDestinationInfo() , select a planet at random from listedPlanet"