Assignment 5: Launch Checklist Form

So I’m having issue with the latest assignment. While I figure out that the Script.js is the file that communicates with the html, I can’t figure out how to get the values from the textboxes and since I can’t modify the html, I’m stuck. From what I can gather, I either need to use the querySelector function from the data-testid TestForm or possibly need 4 individual variables, each equal to the element name of each text file. Unless I’m missing something, I’m stuck on this. It also doesn’t make sense why only the pilot name has an ID while the other 3 don’t. Is that international?

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Got it working! Had to use the QuerySelector function to get to work, just had to get the right syntax for it to read it right.


All my test cases are pass in manual testing as per the requirement . But Jasmine is still throwing the below errors. I did not touch bunble.js.

I have followed all the instructions, Is there any fix needs to be done in the Jasmine autograder Scripts?

I am stuck there too. Everything works but autograder isn’t recognizing the launch checklist once form is submitted…

For the hidden error; if you remember how to set the visibility to ‘visible’, you would do the same way, but you need to call that function and set it to hidden first. For the second error, you just need to rewrite wherever you have that text set to be the text that they want you have.

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I am having another issue again and it has to do with the async function. I’m doing what the assignment is saying and having set listedPlanetsResponse equal to the aysnc function MyFetch, but it saying it’s not defined. So I looked up on what I’m missing and I’m assuming it needs the word await so i did, refreshed and I’m getting this error,

Uncaught SyntaxError: await is only valid in async functions and the top level bodies of modules

I don’t know what else I’m missing.

I want to say I got it fixed, but the console,log is showing undefined values. here’s what I have so far…

planetsReturned = await fetch(“”).then( function(response) {

let listedPlanetsResponse= myFetch();

you need to get your response.json() file here. this is where you actually retrieve it. Something needs to be added to your code block so that some action happens. Here you are only fetching the URL but not pulling the data from it.

So i got it working, but autograder is giving me issues. This is what I’m getting. Obviously, it’s not passing the HTML code that the grading file has, but what I don’t get is where is it sending to?

The code to populate that planetary div should be passed to the missionTarget id in this HTML location:

:raised_hand: deleted screenshot
This should be done using the addDestinationInfo() in the helper file.

Did anyone get this error?

Not sure what is going on. Don’t believe this has anything to do with any of the instructions.

Probably should have mentioned that I managed to figured it out. Had to do move the functionality of actual data of a specific planet to be in the pickPlanets function.

As for the require error, ignore the error, it’ll work as intended as mentioned in the assignment here,

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You need to rewrite your myFetch() function. Your undefined are the prints of listedPlanets. It is not getting the data as it should.

Oh sorry I didn’t mean to have you move the div to this function. Your html div fill should stay where it was in the starter code. I’d advise to read over async/await to make sure you are understanding how those work so you can complete that function. You aren’t far at all!

Thanks for replying @StephNau ! Your contributions are really helpful to other students. I’m removing some of your screenshots for code content. You can include a few lines of code if you’re asking a question though

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