Assignment #5: Still having 4 DOM Manipulation autograder fails

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well.

I still can’t get my Assignment 5 to pass 4 of the DOM manipulation tests, but my webpage is functioning exactly as it should. The autograder is telling me that nothing within the faultyItems div is changing from what is in the index.html file, but again, the webpage IS updating, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? See my autograder screen shot here for the “Launch Checklist when fuel too low for launch” test. (It’s shows the exact same errors for the following 3 tests in relation to the fuel or cargo mass being too low, too high, or just right.)

I took @rlp390’s advice that I need to give the values of the input fields as arguments into formSubmission() and amended my code accordingly. Currently my code relating to these 4 DOM manipulation tests is in the else statement of the form.addEventListener and I’m using exactly the language as is specified in the grading-dom.spec.js file, i.e.: = “visible”;
h2.textContent = “Shuttle Not Ready for Launch”;

It’s hard to explain without giving away too much of my code.

Completely understand that the autograder is there to ensure we learn certain concepts but as the page is functioning as it should, I don’t get why it’s failing? Can anyone help?

I’m not sure exactly without the code, but make sure you’re defining what the list is. I would also check your if statements and make sure they have the correct < or > and even <= code. Also, make sure you’re calling the parameters and not pilot.value since the script.js will be using those values (depending on how you coded it). That was difficult for me to understand. I also didn’t use textContent, I called on the id’s of what was needed to change… I hope this maybe helps?

If your page is working fine but the autograder shows nothing updating, it sounds like you are not using the document passed into formSubmission to update all of the elements.

EX: using something like
let launchStatus = window.document.getElementById(“launchStatus”);

instead of
let launchStatus = document.getElementById(“launchStatus”);