Assignment 5 - Uncaught ReferenceError

I’ve been working on Assignment 5 and doing some research but cannot figure out why my code won’t run. I keep getting the following error: Uncaught Reference Error: module is not defined. When I look the error up I get information on that “a non-existent variable is referenced somewhere”. I’ve checked to make sure all variables have been initialized. I look up how to do a module export and nothing looks wrong with the code. This error is being thrown on the code that was already in the code when I pulled it from github. I’ve even checked to make sure that I haven’t changed the code. The line that the error is being thrown on is from the scriptHelper.js file: module.exports.formSubmission = formSubmission;

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Did you figure out how to resolve this?

Someone informed me that the module.exports lines are only needed for the autograder so I just left them all commented out until I push to github.