Assignment Issues: Always being in Bash and not node.js

Hey everyone

So I started trying to work on Assignment 2 and thought it was just a bug in Assignment 1 where it always starts in Bash. I have no idea why it does this. I just today opened and accepted the file thinking that it would start in node.js and it does not and everything is in Bash. I was beyond frustrated in the first assignment since the only way i could actually work on the project was to take someone else code and delete everything on it and start coding in that and transfer everything over to my Bash file which will not run. I cannot commit anything through zip files as it will not run. trust me I have tried. Is anyone also having issues with starting their assignments in a different language or is there a way to change the language easily that I have not seen. Any info would be great. This is what I got as soon as I started the program from a completely fresh github accept invite. I even tried commiting back to the original file thinking I clicked something funny at first glance.

Hey there,

From the screenshot, it looks like things are running fine. I also got a dump of info from npm and node telling me it audited 14 packages, etc. and have had no problems so far.

But where you input ‘pineapple’ it looks like the console isn’t expecting an input and thinks its a command.

Is the initialPrompt() function calling for user input through ‘readline-sync’, or simply logging the question to the console? Unless you’re explicitly calling for user input, the console will think ‘pineapple’ is a command.

As for inability to commit changes, are you receiving a specific error message, or is the option just not available when you look at’s version control tab?

Hope this helps!

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I’d try entering the word after the prompt ‘Enter a word:’ on that exact line. Adding a return makes it think you are entering a command.

I am as well experiencing the same problem. It’s in GNU Bash and not node js