Assignment not yet graded

I have completed Assignment 0: Hello World as well as LC101 Code of Conduct however both assignments have been showing as “not yet graded”. It has not changed since the assignments were completed a few days ago. Should I be concerned that I have not completed them correctly or will they get graded on time? Anyone know?

How did you connect to GitHub classroom… I am getting trouble doing this…

I will go back and see if I can tell you how I was able to connect to GitHub. I believe I had success just following the links. I believe I have submitted the assignment correctly (it is showing on LaunchCode that it has been submitted) its just still showing as not yet graded…

This link has all you need to get to it.

Also go to assignment page where you have the link to accept your Assignment 0 invitation

Admin here - grading will likely not commence until after the due date for the assignment.

Only Graded Assignments are graded and count towards the final grade. Exercises and studios should be done to ensure understanding and success on the Graded Assignments, but full completion is not required, and you will likely not see a formal grade in Canvas.