Autograder assignment 2 Error

In, my code runs as I’d expect it to. But when I run it through the autograder it tells me I failed the assignment, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t tell me where the error is encountered and what’s causing me to fail.

Below is a link to the code that the auto grader shows, I have no idea what any of it means and what I might be doing wrong

Any info would be helpful, and greatly appreciated.

Click on Actions(upper picklist); then your latest commit; then Autograding (in red); and you will see how many failures you have. I still have 11 failures of 17 specs after numerous commits/push and many hours of trying to figure it out after it was running properly and I thought it was complete in

On the last assignment I had a similar issue where I needed to try a few times due to the auto grader showing me what I was failing. But this time around the failures don’t show show me anything in that I had written that was coming up with an error

@ChaseMWright - went back to look and see you have green check now - Yes! Me too…