Beginners! What Was Your Initial Language!?!?


My question is to all the beginners out there…What was the first programming language you felt comfortable using? Why did you feel comfortable using this language?


I dabbled in Apple Basic, just on my own, 30 years ago.

I really loved it-- even made some simple text-based games.

I think it prepared me for the languages I am coming across today.


Python. It’s the first and only language I am familiar with. It’s a great starter language!


Thanks for your reply!! That is awesome!! I never worked with any Apple languages as of yet. I like Python, it is easier to understand and replicate. I tried to begin with JS and Java but could not logically wrap my head around those languages. I am continuing with Python 3, but would definitely love to broaden my arsenal!!


Thanks for your reply!! Yes, I agree Python is way easier than brainf*ck or Assembly. I have this app called DCoder (Android) where I practice writing code and came across other languages. I was curious about how brainf*ck looked and was in awe of all the symbols!!


The first language I learned was the relatively obscure Ada, named after Ada Lovelace, considered to be the first computer programmer.

It’s relatively odd, and is only used within the Defense Department and its contractors (e.g. Boeing uses it, I believe). It was a good language to learn a lot of concepts with, but I would not recommend it to somebody starting out today. For that purpose, Python is hard to beat!


Java was the first language I really felt comfortable with, after dabbling in Visual Basic, C++, and JavaScript.

Mainly my comfort was due to exposure, the longer I spend with the language, the more comfortable I feel. But, I feel that Java is much stricter than Python or JavaScript, which helps me catch errors more quickly. And being typed means it’s a lot easier for me to see what variables make up an object, which also helps my IDE let me know what to expect.

Ultimately, different coding styles work well with different languages. The best way to learn is to try different styles out. You can’t go wrong with Python for learning though!


Python was the first language I learned. I did dabble with JavaScript a little bit. But I find Python to be the easiest for me. There is a coding app called Grasshopper that I use on my cell phone that I find to be pretty good for beginners.


I took Java in college but I couldnt quite master it.


First language was Python from freshman year of college in Intro to Object-Oriented Programming. Didn’t quite master it, then switched to C++ in Data Structures and just completely lost it


HTML back in high school


Thank you all who responded to my question. I wish I hadn’t taken Networking over Programming in college. Programming is way more interesting and creative.


JavaScript from Full Stack Academy. Then LC101 - Python 3 and Java 8.


I learned C and html in college, but didnt master in them


BASIC on an old TRS80


I remember helping my mom with some basic HTML when I was a kid :smiley:


PLT Scheme, which has now morphed into Racket.


i’d say JavaScript, because it was the first OOP language i really got interested in after i learning HTML/CSS


I am in my 40’s now and started coding when I was 14 years old may be. I remember I started with Basic. However I didn’t follow any formal education program or course. It was only testing and for fun. I remember I fell into the spaghetti kind of programming, i. e. using a lot of goto command. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

After that I knew that something called Visual Basic would introduce me to windows style of programming. But never went in. The Object Oriented Programming concept surpassed me by that time. Then I went to university and as it is usual, different professors used different language programming for their assignments so I never go deep into one in particular. I remember to go through Pascal, Fortran and C.

Then the web programming popularized. And I started been curious about HTML and CSS, a few of JavaScript and MySQL databases in a try with an own web domain, for few months.

Being a PhD student I realized the importance of “going deep” in a programming language for data handling and start to search about Python and R.

Now I am in a research about cryptocurrencies and learning at self pace about blockchain “paradigm”, and I am particular interest in IoT and blockchain combination.

That’s why I usually say that I know “to code” but honestly I have never gone deep in any particular language. That’s why I am taking this course in order to make friends with similar interests and from whom I hope to share a lot and learn.


Basic was my starter, on an old Apple II.