Beginners! What Was Your Initial Language!?!?

PLT Scheme, which has now morphed into Racket.

i’d say JavaScript, because it was the first OOP language i really got interested in after i learning HTML/CSS

I am in my 40’s now and started coding when I was 14 years old may be. I remember I started with Basic. However I didn’t follow any formal education program or course. It was only testing and for fun. I remember I fell into the spaghetti kind of programming, i. e. using a lot of goto command. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

After that I knew that something called Visual Basic would introduce me to windows style of programming. But never went in. The Object Oriented Programming concept surpassed me by that time. Then I went to university and as it is usual, different professors used different language programming for their assignments so I never go deep into one in particular. I remember to go through Pascal, Fortran and C.

Then the web programming popularized. And I started been curious about HTML and CSS, a few of JavaScript and MySQL databases in a try with an own web domain, for few months.

Being a PhD student I realized the importance of “going deep” in a programming language for data handling and start to search about Python and R.

Now I am in a research about cryptocurrencies and learning at self pace about blockchain “paradigm”, and I am particular interest in IoT and blockchain combination.

That’s why I usually say that I know “to code” but honestly I have never gone deep in any particular language. That’s why I am taking this course in order to make friends with similar interests and from whom I hope to share a lot and learn.

Basic was my starter, on an old Apple II.

The first programming language I used professionally was Perl. It was the popular and versatile scripting language of its time (late '90s). I used Perl in UNIX environment. In Windows environment, I used Visual Basic (VB6) and Classic ASP (which was just “ASP” at the time :grinning:).

Then .NET Framework came out, and Windows-based servers became more stable and common. (That’s when we started distinguishing “Classic” ASP from ASP.NET). I’ve been doing .NET development ever since.

It was either QBasic or QuickBasic. One I used at home and one I used in a “computer math” course in high school in the mid 90’s.

I’ve started with a Web Dev course and was thrown into html5, css3, and javascript.
Now I’m taking a complete Javascript course.
Once I understood the ways I can access and manipulate data within arrays and objects Javascript really began making more sense to me.
I want to learn a lot about this language before going on to React and other languages that require a good understanding of JS.

BASIC Many might not even have heard of it !

I just started 2 months ago with python and found it’s very straight forward and easy to grasp if you have the right learning material/tutorials.

Java, I’ve peeked at for about 2 weeks. It’s rules are a lot pickier and more complex.

I started with Basic some 30 years ago in my middle school.
Can code in Unix,C,C++ Visual Basic but Java is my favorite language so far…
Getting the hang of Python.

Great to know you guys.

I am not familiar with any programming language. I am not sure about what this language is. :/:neutral_face:

Are you learning or about to learn anything now? Perhaps Python or Javascript? Even HTML and CSS? That’s your first programming language then.

That is right, thank you :slight_smile:

I took Turbo Pascal when I was in high school. I am not sure I learned anything at the time. Other than I was interested in computers. Then throughout my 20 years of working in the Information Technology field. I have picked up some HTML and Java Scripting. But I am ready to dive into this h eww headfirst now.

HMTL years ago in high school.

for me it was definitely python because the syntax just seemed simplified vs other languages i came across

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Python isn’t my first language but it is the most expressive and elegant one I’ve used.

Basic HTML back in high school. But used it more to jazz up my Myspace page more than anything else. Have used it lightly when needing to do something for my blog.

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Hey Jazz! Girl you bought back so many memories, speaking of MySpace days :laughing:. Much success on your journey. I would love to connect & check out your blog.
~ Jennifer

Speaking about C, these last weeks I have been dealing with Arduino microcontrolers, the Arduino IDE (Interface of Development), and wondering if any of you have experience with this? Is it based on C language? May I use another language on Arduino IDE to program the microcontroler, for example Python?

(I don’t just want to google it, i want to share thoughts :slight_smile: