Beginners! What Was Your Initial Language!?!?


The first programming language I used professionally was Perl. It was the popular and versatile scripting language of its time (late '90s). I used Perl in UNIX environment. In Windows environment, I used Visual Basic (VB6) and Classic ASP (which was just “ASP” at the time :grinning:).

Then .NET Framework came out, and Windows-based servers became more stable and common. (That’s when we started distinguishing “Classic” ASP from ASP.NET). I’ve been doing .NET development ever since.


It was either QBasic or QuickBasic. One I used at home and one I used in a “computer math” course in high school in the mid 90’s.


I’ve started with a Web Dev course and was thrown into html5, css3, and javascript.
Now I’m taking a complete Javascript course.
Once I understood the ways I can access and manipulate data within arrays and objects Javascript really began making more sense to me.
I want to learn a lot about this language before going on to React and other languages that require a good understanding of JS.