Benefits of wireless access when learning to code

In Module 3.1 it’s recommended that the computer be equipped for wireless. I’m curious what benefit that brings. If one works with a laptop, sure, it’s beneficial to be wireless with a mobile platform. How does it help with a desktop?

I am taking a guess here, but-- if you are planning to use your unit with the program, then when you move it to the Launchcode hq, or wherever it is being held, with wireless you would be able to take advantage of online resources-- such as this site.

Not all public sites have cable connections for the internet-- and if wi-fi only is offered, that would be the only way you could work with online capability at that site.


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It is indeed possible to lean to code on a desktop without wireless capabilities. However, if you’re participating in an in-person course (like LaunchCode’s LC101) then you need the a laptop with wireless in order to fully participate in the course.

And no matter how you continue to learn once you finish Discovery, being able to take your work with you to meetups, coffee shops, etc. is highly valuable. Learning to code on your own is very difficult, so we encourage learners to develop a network of peers and mentors to help them on their journey. Having a laptop with wireless capabilities is hugely valuable in doing this.


These answer make sense. I think I was confused because all the other requirements listed seem to be needed for running programs, not making those programs easier to access outside one’s home.

Thank you both for your time and advice.