Ch 13 Assignment - Inheritance

I’m getting a response from vocareum that I don’t understand when I upload my inheritance assignment (Ch 13). It says:

module 'chapter13_assignment' has no attribute 'BoredChatbot'

When i test it in Scratch Activecode and elsewhere it runs fine with no errors. Has anyone else run into this problem? Anyone have any insights???

I am only guessing, but is there any extra code, symbols, or anything in the code, including in the comments, if you have any?

No…I’ve combed over this so many times now. It runs everywhere I test it…except vocareum. I don’t know how to understand the “…no attribute” error message–it’s a class name

Your program crashed when I tried to run BoredChatbot('Sally').greeting

This is the error:

module 'chapter13_assignment' has no attribute 'BoredChatbot'

Sure. That does not sound like something I ran across-- you might try messaging your TA?