Class 9 Prep Exercises in C# (Unit 3)

Hi fellow LaunchCoders:

I am looking a bit ahead in my LC101 class. I’ve successfully completed Class 8 Prep Exercises and am now looking into Class 9 Prep Exercises. There seems to be a disconnect from Class 8 Exercises. What is the starting code for Class 9 Exercises? :confused:

Exercise 1 for Class 9 seems to be overly vague. It seems like there is a step / walkthrough / example / video missing. I haven’t seen any examples on how to create a ViewModel object if given an ID. So, I am stuck at modifying the Edit action (which we had added in Class 8 Exercises and seem to need to re-copy / recreate here) to use the ViewModel.

Thank you for any help.

Figured it out… :sweat_smile: :relieved:
I was on the right track for most of it, just using my previous knowledge and general understanding. But the below StackOverflow thread really helped me put everything together:

How to Edit using a ViewModel in MVC?

I am still curious though if I missed a LaunchCode’s article, video or resource which explained it :confused: