Coding Fundamentals "Fill in the blanks" problem

No not yet. Have you?

I have been stuck for 3 days as well. Everything I have done on step 15 works but on 16 says wrong. I have googled this to see other options and plug those into step 15 and all work but on step 16 still says wrong.
Also would be helpful to have more video guides for this information not everybody learns from reading things sometimes it helps more to see and hear somebody explain things.

Hi, Robert. I took a look at your code, and it seems like you’re using specific numbers in your code. Per @adam’s post earlier in this thread, your code should work for ANY two numbers that the user inputs.

Hi, Bryan. I looked at the code you posted, and you’re very close to the right answer. The few things keeping your code from being correct are that 1.) you don’t need to change your variables into floats, we can leave them as the ints that we received from the user, 2.) your print statement, though very user friendly, doesn’t actually fulfil our design specifications: all we want you to print is the sum.

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It’s still not working.

I know the deadline is tomorrow and I’ve been working on this same problem for a week. I don’t know what to do at this point.

As I said before: your print statement, though its formatting is very nice and user friendly, doesn’t actually fulfill our design specifications: literally the only thing your print statement should print is the sum.

i.e., if I run your program and entered 1 and 2 for my numbers, the console output should read:

Enter the first number: 1
Enter the second number: 2

Oh my god I finally figured it out. Tears of joy. I feel like I just survived a zombie apocalypse.


My issue was also way I had the sum. I went to a meet up an even tho my code work on repl, they only had so many ways for it to pass on the site, which cause it to fail. Congrats on it working!

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I finally got it I was way over thinking it.

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I did everything I could, I used to try and work it out:
What am I doing wrong?

never-mind, I found the answer

I’m having the same issue I do not see what I am doing wrong.

e: code removed

I don’t understand what i am doing wrong ?

That looks pretty good to me-- are you sure you are filling in only the code that is needed (in terms of the blanks)?

e: code removed

I guess so… This was my last try and I still got an error :slight_smile:

I think you might be entering the whole line of code instead of only what’s missing…

I dont understand why it doesnt work

They will probably delete your code, as they don’t like posting code at the board. . . my question tip, though, is-- why do you have your input code(s) twice?

Thank you so much Lauren - I have been struggling with this and you have made me see that I was looking at the problem in the wrong way. Now solved!

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Np, Anne! So many people have helped me and I’m so glad to be able to pay it forward!

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Ok, so I got everything right on the first three lines, and now I’m stuck on the print portion of the problem. I can’t figure out what I’m missing. Was this problem meant to be hard coded?