Coding Fundamentals "Fill in the blanks" problem



Did you use the code to calculate the sum, then share the variable that represents that figure in the print statement?


Do you need another input from the use for the sum to print? Didn’t you already get the two numbers input/ted earlier in the code?


I think for the future that this problem should have a correct/incorrect sign for each line. For example, if the code I put in line 1 is correct, it should have a check mark by it. If the code I put in line 2 is wrong, there should be a X by it. I believe this would greatly clarify this problem


number1=int(input(“Enter the first number:”))
number2=int(input(Enter the second number:"))

I put this code in too and it works just fine in the editor, so what am I missing?


Possibly they are simply looking for another way of putting the code-- and there are many ways to code.

Could the ‘sum’ line be broken into 2 pieces? Maybe one to do the calculation, another to print the response?


I did what you said and put:

print (the_sum)

Worked fine on the editor, but no such luck on the site. I don’t know what to do at this point


Can anyone help him out? I’ve tried with my best 2 cents. His code does look better now.


YAY!!! This finally made it click for me thank you!!!


I am having trouble with this. Just can’t get it to work