Coding Glossaries

One of the hardest things about starting out with programming is all of the new terminology. What’s the difference between an argument and a parameter? Or between an algorithm and a program?

A glossary of programming terms can help. Here are a few good ones: Glossary

Coding Dojo Glossary

Wiktionary Glossary of Programming Terms

Webopedia Programming Category

Have a favorite coding glossary, or have your own tips for learning all of the new terminology?


I think one of the best ways to help yourself remember terminology is to make sure you’re using those terms regularly. Hearing the words being repeated a lot is not nearly as helpful to me as actually using those words!

Try having a conversation with someone you know about the new things you’re learning. Maybe you can teach them something new! Talk to a mentor or another Discovery learner about some of the new terms you’ve learned, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll become comfortable using those terms.

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If we don’t have a friend who is willing to me talking about coding, I can always use the rubber duck method. It is traditionally used for debugging, but I think it’s helpful to learn the new terminology as well.