Completion of prequisites

Hello everyone,

I completed all of the 70 questions correctly in discovery and completed the required forms around 8:30 pm last night. I have not received an e-mail telling me the further instructions if I can attend class on Monday or not. Has anyone else completed their stuff yesterday and heard back from someone? Thanks in advance for responding.


As long as you filled everything out and e-mailed them before the deadline you should get an e-mail confirming you’re in. You can also e-mail and inquire.

I got an email saying congratulations! Also in the email it said they will send instructions . Still waiting for it

I did receive the congrats e-mail as well on Thursday telling me to come to class. They said that they will send more info before class. So, I’m thinking that we may receive something over the weekend. Thanks for responding.

Did you receive anything yet? I did email them abt it

Yes. I did. Are we suppose to sign up for canvas. I thought we were using Stepik?

Did you have to complete the prerequisites that is mentioned in the email?

Yes and it’s a reading assignment due before class on Canvas.

Were you able to create an account with canvas?