Credit for LaunchCode Needs Assessment completion

I am enrolled in the upcoming CodeCamp session that starts September 27. Therefore, I am also enrolled in “STLCC Immersive CodeCamp (September 2021) Pre-Work” on .

My issue is that I have completed theNeeds Assessment Survey, but my score shows as -/1 points. I’m not sure how we get scored for it since it has the option of being anonymous.

Hi Todd,

I’m in the same boat and, although it doesn’t say I’ve completed my Needs Assessment Survey in the calendar, when I click the link it indicates that my response has already been recorded. I’m assuming that response is recorded through Google Forms and not through the dashboard.



CodeCamp Course Manager, Clark, here. I’m capturing completion of that through Google Forms - it’s not reflected on your dashboard. Reach out to me at if you have any other questions about CodeCamp before we begin!