Damageg Repo on Assingment 4, HTML Me Something

I have basically completely broken my Assignment 4 Repo. While trying to learn VCS and Git, plus dealing with the Main/Master branch confusion, it is now, 60 commits later, a complete mess.

Unfortunately the Repo is completely locked down. I can’t delete it and start fresh. I cant do much of anything at this point. Pretty much everything I do makes it worse. It might as well be bricked.

What can be done about this?

Can you explain what you did and what is happening now? You can change from master to main or vice versa. I believe there is a way to scrap it and start over, but before we go there it might be as simple as changing your terminal? I changed my repo on my system to main and LaunchCode has theirs as master and it still allowed me to submit my assignment.

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Unfortunately way beyond that. Things are deleted, corrupted, and I cant even merge because of the uneducated attempts I’ve made at fixing it. It needs to be scraped, but unlike using REPLIT or even a normal Repo of Github, they have this locked down so hard it’s impossible to change or delete on my own.

This is what Main looks like

This is what Master looks like (notice there is no grading script)

and this is what it looks like when I try to merge

That’s unfortunate.
Here are my suggestions for you:
If you have code that you already built, create a new file on your computer & save it in there so you don’t lose it & don’t need to recreate it. Then go to Github & delete the repo so that you can refork a new/clean version.
Once you have your new version, add back your code & commit it to main. There is no master in this project. Everything is under main.
If this doesn’t work I’d advise you tag LC staff or wait for them to help. I hope you figure this out soon.

Yeh that was the issue with Assignment 4 is the repo is locked and private. You cant delete it. In my efforts to fix it it got worse and worse to the point where it was essentially bricked. Clark deleted it for me, and I have the work I did saved and a fresh repo now. After 48 hours of sheer frustration I am a very happy person at the moment! Since I have your attention, this all started because it was forcing my pushes to a new Master branch and not grading. How do I ensure the path is straight to Main? Is there a CLI command to do this?

Good to hear Clark helped you fix it!
I don’t know that there’s a specific command to restrict you to main but essentially as you push your commits you must always make sure to push to the correct name. If your project has a master then you’d do “git push origin master” if it has a main you’d do “git push origin main”. Now as you work remotely VSC will tell you in the bottom left corner the label you’re working with. You can always pull up your GitHub repo to be safe before you submit your commits. That’s the extent of what I know & have noticed.