Discovery Course

4.3 3and 7 as of now, I am not clear at all.Pls help.

What specifically are you stuck on?

4.3. 3.The While Loops- To code the program
7.Combining Loops and Conditionals- Code the program to fulfill the given requirement
11.Fill in the blanks.

Thank you

Unless I am looking at a wrong thing, I don’t see any requirement to code a program in Section 4.3, Step 3. There is an example program that’s already done for you (to say hello to coworkers).

In 4.3 Step 11, the tricky part about filling in the blanks is to make sure your syntax is perfect. Be mindful of things like quotes and commas. Essentially, the parts of the code that are given in the question plus the answers you fill into the blanks should complement to create a runnable program.