Error 404 when submitting info

Is there something going on with the files? Every time I run my program it brings me to the error page and I really do not know where the program is going wrong. The only thing I can think of is that there is an issue in with the files. Was I supposed to do anything in the terminal before I should have started? I looked up a video on how to get the javascript to run in the console and I tried to copy what the guy did. When I tried this, it told me there was no such directory and I kind of just started coding the assignment anyways.

When assignment four came around it told us to use a folder, but I would say it was not very clear on what needs to be done. It told us to do something with the desktop or document folder and I could simply not understand which is the most important. On a different note when I copied the repository link, it made a separate folder that held the name of the assignment. When I clicked on it, I am pretty sure VSC used this as the main directory? (Not even sure if I am correct about that). I have been confused on the git and file systems besides the committing and changing when assignment 4 came around. I know how to submit my changes but I don’t know how we use the files in the terminal. I don’t understand when we should be using certain files and I am not sure if this is playing a part in Assignment 5.

I use pwd to see where I am at but to me something looks wrong. Can anyone clear this up for me? I know its a simple issue. After some research I learned that the .vscode is the folder it is working with. Hopefully that is correct?

So when you get the repo from GitHub you have several steps before you can work with the project on your laptop.
1- clone the link so you have it ready in your clipboard (not necessary to be the 1st step but up to you)
2- open a folder on your computer wherever you want the exercise with the files to be (your desktop? a special LC101 folder? Your computer - your rules!). This folder creation can be done directly from the terminal too if you feel comfortable with that, you navigate where you want & you create a new folder/directory.
3- navigate in this folder/directory with the terminal(if you manually created it in your computer) & then copy the files using git clone (you could have also retrieved the URL cloning link right before this step, up to you!)
4 - open the files in VSC to work them!

You are now ready!
I hope this helps!

Thank you, this helps clear up some confusion on the idea. Would you perhaps know where I can find my main directory? I only ask this because I really don’t want to accidentally delete any code that I have already finished. I am pretty confident that my code is correct and what I need to do is get my console working and get the website to see the main directory so it can update.