Exercises in Chap. 8


I’ve been getting really frustrated with the exercises at the end of chapters. I feel like no matter how well I process the info taught in the chapter, the exercises always throw in things we haven’t gone over at all. For example in Exercise #3, chap. 8 when they ask to have the turtles starting at a random location, I was stumped. When I finally gave up and looked at the answer, it shows an are_colliding function. I’m curious as to how I was supposed to have figured that out on my own? I looked at stack overflow and googled for a while and couldn’t find anything to help. I feel like I’m really falling behind when I start on the exercises because they are going through things that aren’t covered in the prep work or in class. Does anyone have any tips on how I could better work through these problems???


Search Turtle library. Also as far as your confidence goes, look at the weekly assignments first. Usually they have nothing to do with Turtles. So work on what you can, ask your TA in class, in slack, or help.launchcode.


Personally, I try and remember the big picture - we’re there to learn HOW to learn. I can really see how they’ve set this class up to mimic the real world where we will come across a problem that we don’t know how to solve and will have to use the resources available to us…i.e. colleagues, manuals, and critical thinking. The duck method and the write it out method have been life savers for me! I’m pretty sure it’s by design that the exercises ask us to do things we haven’t done before. It’s more about learning than answering - which is probably why they give us the solutions. Sounds like you’re right on track to me doing all the “right” things…asking questions, researching, and most importantly, trying. Keep it up, one day all this will be old hat :slight_smile:.


A lot of times, there are different ways to find an answer. For example, another idea for the turtles might be to see if their x and y are the same. If it helps, I don’t always get them right blind either, and I think a lot of real coding involves combining pre-written functions and modules-- really going out into the internet in search of answers.


Thank you to everyone who replied! Really appreciate the words of encouragement and advice!!


fwiw, in the exercise you referenced, in the given answer, even though the function “are_colliding” is defined, it is never called in the main function. So, I agree that that function isn’t required for that specific exercise and no one should be expected to include that since you’re not actually directed to implement that (the colliding turtles) until the next exercise 8.4. It does, however, give you a little helpful clue for how to tackle 8.4

I feel like the same situation kinda happens in exercises 11 and 12 in chapter 8. You get a clue in the upcoming studio which technically you aren’t supposed to get to until today.


So well said and on point advice!


Hi Carol! I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way. I’m waiting for the penny to drop, especially when it comes to working out the more complex functions. Hasn’t happened yet but I think the longer we’re immersed in this the easier it will become. I often feel intimidated by those around me who seem to grasp things more quickly than me but I do my best not to compare myself. Be patient with yourself! If you’re like me, this is a whole new world and the learning curve is basically vertical. Like anything, fluency comes to those who keep treading the waters.


I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who came before. Your comments and encouragement are needed, even now. :persevere: This is the first chapter where I feel as if I’ve slammed into a wall. Hopefully the lecture and studio today will help me get a better grasp on these concepts.


Hang in there, and don’t be afraid to check online for tips. I am in my apprenticeship and still do that all of the time.