Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

Continuing the discussion from Section 4.3 step 11:

I was wondering if this was the case. I work in internet repair and spoke with several coders at work about this as to why my codes worked but the answers for fill ins would not be accepted-is this because the stepik site only allows one answer? As I was told there are ways to get a code to work in effective ways with different steps…so it’s just a limitation of the Stepik, or are we all supposed to be writing the code the same way?

Great question, this is something I probably should have cleared up better in that thread.

Stepik requires us to provide exactly what to accept, and there is some flexibility in our ability to take different versions of the same answer (adding a space after your answer, some extraneous formatting, etc). However, in general, it has pretty basic functionality, so for fill-in-the-blank questions, even if your inputs would create a program that, when run would provide the correct output, Stepik isn’t testing the result of running your code - it’s testing the exact inputs with what we’ve entered as an acceptable answer.

This is more constraining than life as a programmer would normally be, but these additional constraints also help build good habits for when you’re just starting out. In general, if you follow the guidelines outlined throughout the course, your answers should naturally fit what we’re looking for, so I’m hopeful this won’t be too big of a problem to overcome.

Hi Ryan, I’m not sure if my messages are sending, I need help with 11 in 4.3.