Git Bash and VS Code demo

If you are still hung up how to use Git Bash/terminal and Visual Studio Code this might.


Hi @gfike thanks for this video! I was wondering if you could help me. I am working on Initials and under Install Miniconda Python 3, Step 5. I am getting an error (I have a windows computer). I’ve followed steps 1-4 but when I execute start.bashrc, my computer throws an error that “Windows can’t open your file. Search for programs that open .BASHRC files”. I went ahead and opened successfully (I think) the .bashrc file in Notepad, and saved the line alias python=‘winpty python.exe’ in the Notepad file then closed it, but when I executed source .bashrc on GitBash as an adminstrator, the message about .bashrc and bash_profile didn’t show for me. Is that still OK?

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I think so. The main is that you are able to run Python files from the command line. If that doesn’t work then some troubleshooting needs to happen. What happens when you try to run python for example?

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Thank you so much Gail!!! You are the BEST! :hugs:

@gfike You are totally right! Everything is running fine :slight_smile: Thank you!