Handshake error-can't seem to eliminate it!

I am attempting to get through 4.1 coding module and am struggling a bit. I think I have it but a “handshake error” has plagued me and I am unable to get around this. Any suggestions?

I’m assuming you’re working on the fill-in-the-blanks problem, so I’ll mention a few common places people get hung up.

Make sure that the variables you use for each of the numbers are exactly the same as how they’re defined in the first two lines. The code around the textboxes already dictates how to refer to each.

The last box technically has multiple inputs that will make the code run as intended, but you should fill it in with something that won’t make any of the other lines unnecessary. In the solution code, every line is important.

If neither of those seem to be your error, copy and paste what you’ve submitted and run it in the repl.it window on the previous step and see if there are any helpful error messages. If you’re still stuck after that, let me know what you tried and what happened and I can look at your submissions and send you a more specific response.

If you’re able to post one, a screenshot could be helpful here. A handshake error could be caused by a lot of things. However, it is definitely related to a network issue. A few things to try are:

  • Resetting your internet connection
  • Connecting from another location
  • Waiting a bit and trying again (in case it is a temporary issue with the Stepik server)