HELP PLEASE HELP! Error loading page for module 4

Every time I try to complete the module with open it repl it I continue to get an error. I have included a screen shot, I am behind with my learning schedule. I need to get this working, I am on a ASUS Netbook running Windows 10. I have cookies enabled and have cleared the cache. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Additional screenshots of what is happening right now…I am not able to continue. I do have another laptop to use but it has a kernel issue (blue screen of death) & gives error code using Windows 10 as well. I am using Edge so I will switch to IE and maybe Firefox if need be.

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Okay I am having success with IE not sure which version I currently have. I will continue to update in case this is helpful for someone else.

Have you tried Chrome?

Glad to hear it’s working now. Let us know if the issue persists. It could have been a temporary issue with Stepik or

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Thank you for replying. Its the Windows 10 update that wasn’t running right. If you could check my submissions for 4.3 #11? Then code I am thinking is right is not the correct answer. I have submitted several answers and can’t seem to get through this question.

Hi Krystal. Your submissions are indeed incorrect. We recommend getting the program to work in a code editor to help you find your mistakes.

The part of the problem statement that you’re missing is this one:

Remember that there may be numbers that are divisible by both 3 and 7, so you’ll have to print both messages for those.

Think about how your program would work when it gets to the number 21. What would be printed out?

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Okay. Thank you I will take another look at this one.

Thanks again. I ran the code in the and it did work. I’m going to try something else.