How to update website to show console

Okay, so I have no clue where to even start with the assignment. Every time I make a change in VSC, in validateInput(), I have tried to console.log specific elements to see what the result is. I have not managed to even get one console change. The website tells me that there is an error because of the require statement and every time I make a change my whole entire window disappears. I looked up many, many videos on how to fix this but they just do not offer what I am looking for. I have installed “Live Server” in my extensions to update the website anytime I save the file, but yet that still does not give me a console.log result in my console on the window. How do I access the console on the window while making changes to my javascript? I just need to see results to make sure I am pulling the elements correctly.

I have no clue how to even access the info. I do not understand how I can even grab the elements I need using querySelector. All I have been trying to do is see what results come about when I try document.querySelector(“pilotName”). How do I even use the parameter in validateInput()? Is it something that is already declared? Is it something that I have no clue what it is, such as a term that already takes the inputs? Is it some form of argument that I cannot find in the entire assignment? How do I even use an argument in HTML? I have not found the answers to these questions in the textbook. I understand the topic that they talk about and what I need to do to get a result, but what I don’t understand is how to even use these topics in such a large assignment.

What am I looking for specifically? How do I know if I am calling the right info in the first place? These answers I can find by using the console but I can’t even access the console. Every time I run and debug without using a debugger on a different file other than index.html, it makes a new subfolder with a json debugger and the entire website won’t run. It just takes me to localhost 8080. I do not know how to fix this. I watch Youtube and every person’s program runs smooth and just fine with no issue. I watched a video and this guy used “Live Server” to update the website anytime he saves. I tried this and that still did not work. Is there a place that can help me learn what the issue is? I have done so much research on how to fix something so small. I just cannot find the EXACT thing that I need to make everything run properly. All I need is to get the console to work properly. My assignment is going to be late simply because I do not understand the smallest thing.

Some of the questions I asked are topics that I can figure out how to answer. Such as the querySelector questions. I know I can figure it out, but I can’t do it without the help of the console. Using replit was simple and easy. Every time I made a change, I could simply run the program and see what kind of result comes about. I use the console to help me learn what it is that I am looking for and I just want to see what result I get when I use querySelector(“pilotName”). I am very sure it is wrong but I still need the console to tell me so I can figure it out. I have not even made it past the first step of the assignment simply because of console issue. I do not know how to properly use VSC and every Youtube video I find just goes over simple ideas of what is in the application. How do I use mozilla in VSC? I only have something that tells me I can run the program in Google or Google(legacy). I have so many questions and I can’t find even one answer. The textbook tells me how the idea of the code works but it did not tell me how to use VSC properly.

I hope this isn’t too much info to drop on everyone, but I am just stuck. I am trying my hardest to turn this assignment in on time and figure out these issues myself but I just can’t seem to find the answers. That is why I waited until basically the day before the assignment is due. I tried to figure it out myself but I really need help with this and can’t figure it out. I know the issue I am having is simple and maybe that is why I can’t find the answer. Anything will help. Literally anything. I don’t want to fail this assignment because of something small.

Anyone who gets back to me, I appreciate it with sincere gratitude. I dropped a lot of questions but I genuinely feel as if these questions are very important for a web developer to understand the basics.

Do you have the extension in VSC installed for Open in Default Browser. If not I would suggest you install it. From there you can right click index.html and click “Open in Default Browser” and then open the Web Developer tools in the open browser.

Okay, after a little while I figured out the issues and now my program runs fine. I downloaded the extension and made Mozilla my default. I have been making changes in validInput using console.log but I have three error messages popping up. I am not sure if the error in validInput is causing no change in the console. It states that require is not defined, which we already know is supposed to be in the code. Does the error cause no change in the console? I am now using console.log(document.getElementsByClassName(‘formField’) to see if the result will come about, but there has not been any change so far. My website updates perfectly fine, I just cannot seem to see what changes I make in the console.

alerts don’t work either.