I'm new here and have a question about the Discovery Program!

About how long does the program last? Can we start and stop? Will it save our work?

Thank you!

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Hello. In short, I think you can get through this program in a couple of weeks - give or take - if you spend an hour or 2 a day, and your progress is saved. I started the program about 9 days ago, and I just started section 5 of 6 today - roughly two thirds complete. At this rate, I believe I will have completed the whole Discovery Program in about 2 weeks when I’m done. That said, I will probably go back through it and exercise what I’ve learned more. I do have a little experience with databases and have been familiar with basic coding principals for several years, but I have never done any real coding myself. I’ve enjoyed this program so far and look forward to taking it further.

Thank you Charles! That helps a lot!

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