Java Assignment 2

Trying to finish Assignment 2 this weekend. So far, the images below are the only ones that haven’t passed through the autograder yet and I’m not sure what to do. I know some of them have to do with the JobTest, but there’s one where the hash codes are wrong.

removed images as they are now outdated

Been working on the autograder for the whole day and so far am down to 6 tasks left,

I dont think they made these unit test names long enough…

testTestToStringStartsAndEndsWithNewLineCallsAssertions - looks like you are missing an assertEquals call in your test method. It is looking for 2 calls to assertEquals, one for the very first char and one for the very last char.

testTestToStringContainsCorrectLabelsAndDataCallsAssertions - It is looking for Assert.assertEquals(anyString, anyString); minTimes = 1; Make sure your test is using assert equals and is comparing two strings.

testTestToStringHandlesEmptyFieldCallsToString - It looks like you dont have a call to job.toString() within your unit test. replace job with the variable name for your job in the unit test.

testHashCodeMethod - need to see the rest of the error data to see why it is unhappy.

testTestJobConstructorSetsAllFieldsCallsAsserts - You need 5 assertTrue tests in your unit test. It looks like you only have 4 since it says missing 1 invocation to assertTrue.

testTestSettingJobIdCallsJobConstructorTwice - It is wanting you to declare to Job class variables in the test. If you used some global variables declared outside the test it wont pass the grader. new Expectations() {{ new Job(); minTimes = 2; maxTimes = 2;

got it , thanks. I managed to get some of those done last night with the exception of the last two and after some tinkering, i got it working. thanks

Dear All,
Good Evening!
Looks like my repository in GitHub is missing a Autograder (classroom.yml) in the cloned repository.
I can not delete my repository “Java-Unit-2-Independent-May-2021/assignment-2-techjobs-object-oriented-edition-vasavi7” as it was not in my personal space.
Would you please help to delete “assignment-2-techjobs-object-oriented-edition-vasavi7” or add the autograder workflow in the actions tab.
Thank you, Appreciate your help.