Java Assignment 3, Test Task Two

Hi guys! One of my Task Two Tests isn’t passing (see attached). I think it’s not detecting that there are 3 Ruby jobs because there is no break in between each of the tables (see second image attached).

In list-jobs.html, I have my th:block that creates the table, and so far I’ve tried the below:

  1. Adding an extra blank row. This doesn’t work because it messes up the alternating color of the rows)
  2. Adding a break either after the last row before the </th: block> OR after the </th: block> but before the end of the table tag. This also doesn’t work as it just creates a larger space in between the “Jobs With Skill: Ruby” heading and the start of the table.

None of the above is solving the problem. Wondering if anyone has any advice? Thanks in advance!


Did you put the entire table of info within the th:block? That may be blocking it altogether? I didn’t use th:block at all. I just used tr and td for each table category. But I think you could also structure it as th:block wrapped around a tr and td for each category.

Hi Christina, thanks, you were right! I didn’t need to use a th:block at all.

Glad it helped :slight_smile:

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