Java Assignment 3

I am almost done with Assignment 3 and I’m encountering these two errors from test cases 4 and two.

Based on what what it’s asking, it’s not detecting these lines as shown highlighted below,

Not sure if it has to do with my displaySearchResults or what’s happening with on the HTML side.

Also, I was wondering if it is possible to run this program on an actual webclient to see if it working as attended base off the demo link that was in the instructions?

Did you make your search functions case insensitive?

Yes, you can view in webpage: 9.2. Initialize Spring — Java Web Development documentation

I haven’t made it to test 4 yet but I had that same issue with test case 2. It seems like that test only passes by coding that exact order of tags listed in testJobListingDisplaysAllJobFields- table, table row and then cell

Did you by chance forget to add the employer field in list-jobs? You should have ID, Name, Employer, Location, Position Type, Core Competency.

I figured out where I went wrong. With Test two, it wasn’t grabbing the rest of the other attributes (employer, location, etc.) so I got that situated. For Test 4 I did some rearranging of my Search function, turns out it wasn’t getting the data from my if else statement so i just took out the else statement and all test passed.

Sweet! Glad you were able to get it working and passing!